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Mark Salzinger
Mark Salzinger

For interested investors, Mark Salzinger offers mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with the goal of more return with less risk.

While he now focuses on managing money exclusively for clients of Salzinger Sheaff Brock, LLC, Mark Salzinger previously produced the monthly investment newsletter: The No-Load Fund Investor. For decades, thousands of investors scoured its pages for Mark’s latest and best insights into timely investing. To receive more investing information from Mark Salzinger, please fill out the contact form on this page.

Mark previously served as executive editor of Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street and Louis Rukeyser’s Mutual Funds, working closely with the famed Louis Rukeyser to provide unbiased investment guidance to investors for almost a decade.

Mark has authored numerous articles and reports on mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, bonds and investment strategies. With additional background in investment analysis at J. & W. Seligman and Citigroup, Mark knows funds not only as a former insider, but also as an unbiased observer and advisor.

With his investment management firm Salzinger Sheaff Brock, LLC, Mark melds his experience with attention to each client’s unique situation, goals and investment temperament. The portfolios are unbiased and independent—focused on each client’s best interests. The goal is maximized return for an appropriate level of risk.

Of course, investing carries risk and past results are no guarantee or indication of future returns.

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Peter Bjelopetrovich | Portfolio Consultant, Salzinger Sheaff Brock

Peter Bjelopetrovich emphasizes developing strong client relationships through investing conversations. With experience as a customer service representative and then as a broker at Schwab in Indianapolis, Peter served for several years as part of Schwab’s Active Trader specialty team. Servicing their most active traders and developing a deep knowledge of options, margin accounts, and trading, he later transitioned to a role as an Associate Financial Consultant before joining Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors in 2015.

At Sheaff Brock, Peter focused his skills in client service, working with investors to ensure that their selected portfolio strategy was supporting their personal goals and investment suitability. He now serves both Sheaff Brock and Salzinger Sheaff Brock in his current role of Vice President, Portfolio Consultant.

At Salzinger Sheaff Brock, Peter regularly connects with clients to discuss their investments and financial goals. Optimistic, yet understanding that the markets cannot always go up, he focuses on the larger perspective of market movement and its relation to each individual client’s personal and financial investment goals.

Deb McCulley | Salzinger Sheaff Brock
Deb McCulley

Taking care of client needs by providing and delivering professional, high quality service and assistance, Deb McCulley is aware of the power of personal connection, and she uses her skills to stay in close contact with Salzinger Sheaff Brock clients.

With more than 20 years in the financial services industry, Deb began in operations with E.F. Hutton in Cincinnati, Ohio, and when she relocated to Indianapolis, she applied her skill set at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter as an administrative assistant to the Branch Manager. Deb was also part of the startup team at Star Wealth Management.

When not working in her flower beds, Deb enjoys antique shopping and biking, and her love of food and craft beers inspires her to try out new restaurants and new tastes.